Bruno Aristimunha

Hello World!

At moment, I am PhD visiting student at the Artificial Medical Intelligence Group (AMIGO). I am a PhD student at the Federal University of ABC (Brazil) =)

I am very interested in processing large datasets during my study. My interest in machine learning projects is particularly in studying transformers and deep generative models to get a latent representation of the medical data. My supervisor is the super expert, Research Fellow in AI-enabled Neurology, Walter Hugo Lopez Pinaya.

Also, I am a Data scientist skilled in machine learning, deep learning, and electrophysiological signal processing. I have experience working with many different programming languages and frameworks, most notably: Python, Kotlin, Java, C, and Haskell.

I have a background in Python packages, such as Numpy, Scipy, Pandas, Scikit-Learn, Pytorch, Tensorflow, Dash, and Dask. Also, brain signal ecosystem: MNE, Moabb. I am open-source maintainer of the Braindecode. I hope to have experience on MONAI at end of this visiting period. Self-adaptable and self-start IT professional that enjoys learning new concepts and tools to solve problems.


Generative Modelling