Neurology - Dementia

Dementia is currently one of the highest burden to the worldwide healthcare systems for people above 65. There are multiple pathologies that can lead to neurodegeneration ultimately resulting in dementia. The heterogeneity of the clinical presentation combined with the diversity of pathological pathways make it very difficult to design appropriate efficient drugs.

With years, it has become clear that brain imaging could help provide an insight on the pathology evolution and help investigate and refine the different possible disease pathways.

Multiple brain imaging acquisition have been shown to be relevant to assess one aspect or the other of brain changes in neurodegenerative diseases. With the rise of the societal burden, the improvement in imaging hardware and the increase in numbers of participants in dedicated studies, it has become essential to quantify and characterise automatically brain atrophy, neurovascular lesions, amyloid deposition…

To do so, innovative technical solutions are developed in the domain of segmentation and object detection in particular.